Zarka Villas, Evia: Gentle rural setting, offering all modern amenities

On the edge of the village of Zarka (Zarakes to non-locals) is a quiet valley set amongst the rolling and sometimes dramatic landscape of the southern region of the Greek island of Evia (Euboea in Greek).

The Villas are a family owned & run resort. Zarka Villas are situated at the edge of the old village (Mahala) of Zarka, a valley of abandoned houses – all traditional style with stone walls and stone tiled roofs.

This gentle rural setting, offering all modern amenities, is the ideal location from which to explore the wonders of Southern Evia.

Zarakes, 34017 Krieza, Evia, Greece
P: +30 22230 54059
M: +30 698 672 6306

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